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Bitch Bitch Bitch

I am just incurably bad at art history. I feel like my teacher took off loads of unnecessary points but still… I always get bad grades in this subject. The essay is what kills me. So here I am looking at it, there are check marks all over it. And at the top we have a minus 10 points out of 25. No explanation no nothing. How I understand that is the grading TA slave had a list of points we had to mention and minus 1 for every one on her list we don’t mention. But after her going over it in class I don’t know how I would have written it better and I mentioned almost all the things she went over. This means I have to find the bitch during her office hours. And I will get the well you should just work harder in my class speech. If I get a C- in this class I don’t graduate and that should not be too difficult a goal. I mean I have a great GPA I do well in school except for the bloody art history classes.

I’m starting to get stressed out over here. I decided to change gears after the aforementioned"abomination" print. So basically I am just starting a huge project with 2 weeks less time to work on it than I need. It’s freaking 2ftx3ft and intimidating. Although I am making faster progress than I usually do it’s not fast enough. I feel like my class thinks I’m copping out by going back to the technique I know best after only the one failure. Of course they would have a point. But honestly I can’t waste time on something that isn’t a candidate for my exit show.

Not to be a complete downer. I started the Three Musketeers and I am enjoying it very much. They are insane and violent and funny.

Ian gave me some music this weekend and I am listening to these guys… They are somewhere between Jpop and screaming metal. Which may not be satisfying at first but I think I like it.

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