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Important News

 I just got myself a new laptop. It is a Dell Inspiron Netbook Mini 12 which is essentially the sexiest laptop I have ever seen. She has a 12" monitor which is 2in smaller than my old thinkpad. The buttons are a bit smaller but I can’t really notice the difference. This is the largest Netbook yet and falls between laptop and netbook in size. It has an 80gig harddrive, 1gig of ram, 2.7 pounds AND came with windows XP! I don’t even have to deal with Vista! She is the slimmest sexiest electronic I have ever seen. I was looking into HP at home and then I saw her at Microcenter and was seduced. 

You can’t see that and and not want to touch. It runs pretty cool and I believe the only downside is the lack or CD drive. That’s it. And I can buy a auxilary CD drive with a USB hookup if I need to.