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I am listening to this AWESOME gig and a half of music that Adrianna gave me and I love it. I think she is one of the few people who has the same taste in music as me. Even the weird stuff that I normally don’t ever share with people. So just a shoutout to my great friend and roomate Adrianna. Thank you and it’s been awesome living with you this year. I need to figure out how to add this music from my jump drive to my Ipod without the help of a computer that has itunes. I can’t hijack my dad’s work computer that much.

I can’t seem to part ways with Livejournal. I wish I could just cut ties and be happy with that. But I am thinking I should just buy a subscription and cope that way. Even though I enojoy wordpress and I feel like it’s more profssional I like the LJ community and, well, I can’t seem to cut ties cleanly if I continue to come here 3 times a day to read my friends page.

I am graduated from college. I am back at home with my parents and tonight I have a reception to go to and earlier I went rock climbing with Brian. But I plan on visiting Athens next month to pick up some art from the Athens Academy show and I plan on making it a 2 day trip. So there will be updates on the day and visiting will happen.

I’m back on Puzzle Pirates and I missed it.