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Monthly Archives: June 2009

 Right now my dad is driving my mom to the hospittal. She is having some of the symptoms of a heart attack. I felt her pulse before they left and it was a distinctly irregular beat. I can’t even think. It may be nothing but she says that the irregular beats keep on going. I […]


 So I really like chess sets. I haven’t played chess in a while but I think that the game is beautiful and love finding beautiful sets. Now what kills me is how many people do not understand the importance of recognising the pieces. If you can’t tell at a glance which piece is which your set […]

Vacation in the Florida keys

This is where I am. Today I went snorkling at the shipwreck of a spanish galleon from the 1700s and there were loads of tropical fish hiding under the old cannons and anchor. There is so much sky here. I will post more pictures later.