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Monthly Archives: July 2009


Star Wars Tantuan sleeping bag… complete with intestine printed lining.    Ok so I am going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks having a family reunion in Idaho. I am not sure how it will affect my internet connectedness but I’m not worried.  Oh and Julianne I was too mean to Anne […]

On buying shit

 So I have come to the decision that I enjoy shopping online way more than going to stores in person. I like reading reviews of items before getting them, I like having a huge selection and cheaper, I like getting things in the mail. Yesterday I ordered a stainless steel water bottle and I am retardedly excited […]

What!? I have more! Today I have little pine cone notebooks on Etsy They are pocket sized and $15

Printmaking Notebooks!

Ok so I have just listed my first set of notebooks with printed covers. They are cute, portable and only $15. I have only printed 5 so far but I can make more if these sell. Lovingly made with poor college friends in mind. ETSY Honestly I am pretty excited about printing notebooks like this. I mean […]