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On buying shit

 So I have come to the decision that I enjoy shopping online way more than going to stores in person. I like reading reviews of items before getting them, I like having a huge selection and cheaper, I like getting things in the mail. Yesterday I ordered a stainless steel water bottle and I am retardedly excited about it. I am a lifeguard so I use one all the time. But still I don’t think I would be nearly as excited if it wasn’t arriving in the mail. 

I think this has been a hard summer for me. I have been more moody and grumpy than usual and very unproductive today. I just feel like I’m flopping around. Grad school is like a feeding frenzy of printmakers applying for schools that only accept 3-4 applicants, and it looks like I get to take the GRE too. Even though it is not required for admission into art school a good score will maybe earn me some nice financial aid. I feel like I was useless today! I was going to photograph some of my waxy prints but instead I bummed around on the internet, staring at Beautiful Things on Etsy. I did however apply for a job today teaching chess to elementary school kids as an afterschool program for $15-$20 and hour. So even though it’s seriously part time I would be making about the same as I do lifeguarding. And I would be playing chess for money. 

I have been reading a lot this summer and saying my pool is quiet is an understatement. Deserted would be a more appropriate word. So for 6hrs I get to chill out under an umbrella with a book and a super awesome water bottle, and for 2hrs kids show up and I actually do my job. Job is great, art… notsomuch. I have been avoiding printmaking or only poking at small projects. 

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