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Monthly Archives: October 2009


Ok so I just got the Atlanta Printmakers Artist Residency! I get a key to the studio for 6 months, a free class, and $600 for supplies. This is going to look amazing on my resume, like way better than an internship. This is just really awesome. I am going to try and crank up my production […]


Ok so my mom and I are getting an etching press! We found one for $1500 on Craig’s List that has never been used. It is a Dick Blick Master Etch with a bed size of 22″ × 35″. There is a bit of rust on the undercarriage but that should be easy to clean up and […]


So I just finished my little fern leaf notebook and my Veolciraptor notebook and they are up in my etsy shop I am so happy with how my velociraptor came out! He’s just so cute! although I hear there is not much difference between a velociraptor kiss and a velociraptor bite.