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Ok so my mom and I are getting an etching press! We found one for $1500 on Craig’s List that has never been used. It is a Dick Blick Master Etch with a bed size of 22″ × 35″. There is a bit of rust on the undercarriage but that should be easy to clean up and won’t interfere with printing. It weighs 200 lbs which is a featherweight for a press this size. The press is in New Jersey so we would have to deal with getting it but I just got off the phone with the seller and she seems really nice. She did get other offers on the press but we won her over with our story about being a mother and a daughter setting up a print studio in our home. She’s going to tell the other peeps that it is SOLD and we will work out the details.

Her press is an older model of this press with a baby blue paint job.

What this means for me is that I will have a press here at home until grad school. At that point I won’t need it because I will have the school equipment and it will stay at home with mom. Even more important is that now that we have to set up a print studio we HAVE to deal with all the stuff that has piled in the studio over the years and make that room into a usable workspace. This is something we have needed to deal with for years. It’s still going to be a huge job but with a press coming there is motivation and it will get done.

On another note we found a little box turtle in front of our house. I think he is blind, his eyes look really damaged and I think he might be dying. He isn’t walking around at all but will pull into his shell when you pick him up.


  1. aoineko89 wrote:

    Congratulations!! You and your mom must be so excited. I hope you both put that press to good use and we’ll see some more beautiful art from you soon!

    And the turtle…so sad(makes me think of my turtle-baby). If you want to try to help it, look through this site –> The author is a long time turtle owner and has a lot of good advice and home remedies/tips.

    Friday, October 9, 2009 at 3:04 AM | Permalink
  2. luv4dragons wrote:


    Wow! That’s great news! I know you are excited! Good luck cleaning out the studio, and does this mean the loom will be freed up for your mom to use?

    Have you gotten any ideas for your next project that is grad-school portfolio worthy? Or have you been interneting it like me?

    Are you guys going to have to drive up and rent a truck to haul it back? or how is this going to work?

    Friday, October 9, 2009 at 2:41 PM | Permalink
  3. admin wrote:


    It probably means that the loom will be pushed farther into a corner. It would be nice if the loom could be a functional piece as well but we really don’t have the dying facilities mom needs. Sinks and vents and stuff. We might be able to use it for more simple pre-colored stuff and I really want to know how to use it. It’s way more complicated than the dinky UGA looms… It’s just… massive… But if there is any way to have it functioning that would be amazing and I will try and make it happen.

    As far as big intimidating projects. Well I just ordered some big linoleum. And I got permission to use this image
    I want to take my own photographs but I am thinking too hard and shooting my productivity in the foot. I just need to keep working.

    This is getting too long I am just calling you lol

    Friday, October 9, 2009 at 3:31 PM | Permalink
  4. admin wrote:


    Well I got distracted… For getting the press we are still figuring that out. We have a family friend who lives in Baltimore who has a subaru big enough. And we might be able to check out Rutgers and University of Tennessee on the way. (both in the top 10 for printmaking)

    Friday, October 9, 2009 at 8:43 PM | Permalink
  5. ed wrote:

    I am also looking for a used etching press. If you have any info please drop me an email. edc

    Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 6:07 AM | Permalink

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