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Ok so I just got the Atlanta Printmakers Artist Residency! I get a key to the studio for 6 months, a free class, and $600 for supplies. This is going to look amazing on my resume, like way better than an internship. This is just really awesome. I am going to try and crank up my production and stop being such a slow poke. Also I am herebye going to stop feeling bad about not having a job.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to drive up to New Jersey and pick up our etching press. We would have gone up sooner but we had to get the cars checked out (they have issues) before we went on a road trip. We will also drive up to Maryland and visit mom’s brother and sister. Then we play musical cars and borrow a bigger car to move the press around in. We have made a huge amount of progress cleaning the studio even if the shameful lack of insulation above the garage means the room is freezing cold. Yar