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Daily Candy!

I have been feeling sick today. Ugh. My throat is really sore right now and I have been drinking liquids all day long. Hopefully this will be improved tomorrow. But usually you feel better by the evening if it’s a 24 hour bug. But what can you do?

This Saturday December 5th I am participating in the Atlanta Printmakers Studio Open house. The event is from 3-7pm and I will be doing a letterpress relief print demonstration and GIVING AWAY FREE PRINTS. I know exciting right! The print I am giving away it a sweet little 9″x12″ Fall Hydrangea. Anyhow the APS Open House is some sort of studio/ art sale/ party. If you are in or near Atlanta this weekend everyone is welcome to come by. Also this event was featured in the Daily Candy and they used my snowy trees as the cover image!

My goal right now is make art for fun as well as serious printmaking. So I have been making cartoon pirate avatars for my Puzzle Pirate friends and carving my lino block. I think I am getting much more comfortable with the tablet even if cartoon pirates isn’t exactly lofty goals. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down draw something and finish it all in one go.