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Maiden Voyage for my Baby Blue Etch Press

So I just finished printing my first run on our etching press at home. We have had the press for some time now but the room itself is such a problem I didn’t feel like I could do anything until today. Mom and I have slowly been chipping away at making the Studio a functional studio instead of a throw stuff in and close the door sort of storage room. Recently we installed some shelving…. A LOT of shelving. but somehow the shelves are already packed and there is still loads of work.

And it’s all art stuff. I know most people can contain their art supplies in a box maybe two but this is just out of control. We have loads of threads for weaving random fabrics miscelaneous plexiglass sheets of various sizes. Ancient jewelry supplies, brushes, knitting needles, every single freaking color of embroidery floss, dyes, silk, linen, tools, inks, watercolors, foamcore, hundreds of art magazines, shelves of art books, flat files full of art/papers, and of course a huge computerized dobby loom, the computer that runs it, the press, a sewing machine (broken) boxes of sewing supplies, silk screens, boxes, slides, projector, a sextant?, and a lot of things I have no idea what they are. This room is seems to have no insulation and very poor lighting. But slowly it is becoming a¬†usable¬†space and this is a triumph.

Tomorrow I am waking up at some awful early time and driving into the studio. Print the last layer for this rather complex 9×12 reduction print I have been working on. I can’t print this at my house because it is mounted linoleum and I need to use the Vandercook letterpress. But I have a key to the studio so I can come early. After that Mom and I are driving up to Suwanee Tennessee and visiting friends then we’ll drive up to Knoxville and look at the University as a potential first choice for grad school. Then we will drive back through the Smoky Mountains and take photos for my next project. I am exhausted just looking at the schedule.

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