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Etsy Experiment

 Ok so I have been trying to polish up my game on my etsy shop. I have had a pretty good amount of sales for someone who has done essentially zero marketing or advertising. So I have been reading up on ways to increase web traffic and try and improve sales. What I have heard, specifically in relation to Etsy is that a lot of people look at recently listed items. If your item has been up there a few weeks collecting cobwebs, the chances that someone is going to stumble upon it are significantly smaller.

So what I am going to do is list one new item every day for the next month. On the days that I have something expiring I will relist that one instead which although not technically a "new" item, will still sift me to the top of the pile for that day. I actually have a surprising amount of small prints and objects that I have never photographed or anything so I may be able to last out more than a month of a new item every day. I can’t promise life art but maybe someone can give them a good home. In anticipation of this experiment I have set up Google Analytics to monitor my etsy traffic, see where people are coming from and which items they linger on. 

I also linked every picture on my deviantart that corresponding item in my store,and I am also trying out this facebook/etsy app which will make it easier to find my shop from my facebook page. Hopefully without harassing all of my friends and being a nuisance.

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