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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I Love Printmaking

Margot bless her, was in the studio yesterday. After I spent about 3 hrs stressing out and failing to print dark black she offered to ink up my block. Apparently I had no idea of the amount of ink this block needed and I am a chronic under-inker. All my problems are solved! I am so happy that I […]

Hard Time in The Studio

So I am trying to finish up this residency and I am printing that huge lovely block that is photographed in my last post. I am having a lot of technical issues with it not printing dark enough. No matter how much I over ink it. I thought it was the paper because I think that the […]

Serious Blog

So I have been thinking that for me the best sort of blog for me would be an art blog attached to my website. Something with an RSS feed that can support comments. I have heard that WordPress is pretty good for this sort of thing and my experiences with WordPress have been slightly less […]

I found Homer’s Odyssey read by Gandalf I know I shouldn’t call him that but I am only going to imagine the wizard reading me the story anyway.  I am so pleased. Anyhow. I am finishing up my residency this month. I should actually finish carving my block tomorrow. Good grief that thing took me forever. […]

Awesome Email

 SO I decided I needed a better more professional sounding email address. I am now hannah(at) I am so pleased with myself you have no idea.