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Monthly Archives: July 2010

So I was on Etsy…

So I was on Etsy the other day and I found this person making very small coptic books and using origami paper as the cover paper. You can see this on etsy here at VersoBooks. And I was inspired to give it a go. Now traditional origami paper is about 15cm or 6inch square. Which […]


So I am kind of in between projects at this point. I have some small project ideas that have been on my mind for ages now and I would really like to finish them up. But as my parents point out it would be better to do a piece that can help with the whole […]

Haunted Snag

Here is a solo cyanotype from my latest collection. I feel in love with how haunted it seemed that I was unable to print any more layers onto it. I just took a step back and called this one done.  It was such a relief after all that madness of carving to work in a process so loose and […]

WordPress themes

So instead of trying to integrate my blog and my website using frames I have just redesigned the gallery section to match up with the blog. After many many failures I’d say they are mostly there. I can’t figure out why it isn’t taking the meta widget like all the others, why my main index […]


Today I made a Preying Mantis out of paper. I think he came out really well. I want to make a series of paper bugs and build display boxes for them. The box part looks like it’s going to be a challenge.

Monster Linocut

This is my latest print. I hang the show tomorrow so this is a little sneak peak. Basically after finishing this I feel like I could carve anything.


My residency has reached crisis breaking point with me. I am edgy and bipolar and having trouble keeping it together. For me framing the art is very very stressful. It is a task where perfectionism is the standard and anything less stands out. I am having issues with matching mounting foamcore. Apparently everybody has the […]