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So I am kind of in between projects at this point. I have some small project ideas that have been on my mind for ages now and I would really like to finish them up. But as my parents point out it would be better to do a piece that can help with the whole grad school thing.

So the idea is I want to do a tall print.  I want you to feel it towering over you when it’s on a wall. I also want to do the forest at night. Black on black. Something that makes you feel a little intimidated, with a warm light source only hitting the bottom of the trunks.

Now contrary to popular belief I am not a crazy printmaker and the practical side of this is a real concern. In order to frame this print like the others there is a frame limit. The biggest length I can get from Westfall framing is 60″ and biggest piece of archival foam core is 40″x60″ so in order to have borders I am going to make the image 24″x53″. The press at the Atlanta Printmaker’s Studio will just barely fit that size so I don’t have to figure out some alternative printing. And I found large format sheets of Japanese paper. It would be Okawara paper instead of Kitakata paper but I think they are both good papers. Now I just need to get the block. Bangor Cork hasn’t called me back and I really don’t think a custom cut is that big a deal but I REALLY don’t need 25 feet of linoleum. The stuff gets stale if you don’t carve it within a few years. Framing something this big is going to be EXPENSIVE.

In an effort to take more pictures in general. I am looking into buying a camera. Now my dad has a super fancy pants digital camera, so for serious art photography I am covered. I need something that I can have in my purse and is simple to use, but takes good pictures. I also like a long battery life. Right now I am looking at the cannon powershot sd1300 but if you guys have some other recommendations to check out I am all ears.

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