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So I was on Etsy…

So I was on Etsy the other day and I found this person making very small coptic books and using origami paper as the cover paper. You can see this on etsy here at VersoBooks. And I was inspired to give it a go.

Now traditional origami paper is about 15cm or 6inch square. Which is tight but can yield a book about the size of the mini moleskines with the option of being a little wider.  If I were to make something like this I would want matching pattern paper for both the front and back covers. The problem is that almost all the highest quality papers come in packs with no duplicates so was able to dig up larger sheets. It’s more expensive but they exist, and I can make decent journal sized coptics with the most charming cover paper around.

Unfortunately I have been spoiled by the UGA bindery and I haven’t done any binding since I graduated. So I am trying to figure all this out in my little bedroom studio. It might take a bit longer per book but I think I will get the hang of it.

On another note I have discovered my new favorite printmaker. Kawase Hasui is a 19th century woodblock printmaker and basically super famous and I am just slow. But in my opinion he knocks the pants of Hiroshige and what is even better is that they are still printing his blocks! I can actually afford to buy some of his prints!  I have been familiar with some of his work for a long time but I didn’t know the artist. He did a whole series of landscapes at night and in the rain which is something I am thinking about in my work right now. And so many trees. I am in love.

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