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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Drafting Table Restoration

So the drafting table in the last post has now been completely and lovingly restored. All of it’s rusty metal has been polished. And the wood surface was entirely sanded down and re-varnished top and bottom. The wood surface ended up taking 1 coat of sanding sealer and 3 coats of varnish. Thing took forever to dry and now […]

Drafting Table Falls From the Sky

The current project I am starting is 24″ x 53″. The linoleum arrived the other day and it’s kind of laid out awkwardly in the middle of my room essentially taking up all of the floor space. The table that I have been using is my mom’s table that she has been letting me borrow and is […]

Terminus Show

I am showing my print at the Gallery Walk at Terminus until October 8th, and I am hanging right next to some of my favorite printmakers! So mine is the huge one in the center right in between Dale Clifford and Ruth Laxson. The show is a selection of printmaker from APS so I know […]