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Drafting Table Falls From the Sky

The current project I am starting is 24″ x 53″. The linoleum arrived the other day and it’s kind of laid out awkwardly in the middle of my room essentially taking up all of the floor space. The table that I have been using is my mom’s table that she has been letting me borrow and is a few inches shy of fitting the whole block. I decided that the easiest way to manage this was to buy a bigger drafting table of my own and return my mom’s table. I would need my own table eventually so why not.

I was looking at a lot of really bad tables on Craig’s List when I found this beauty for $75.

It’s a 36″ x 60″ table that’s built like a tank. It was originally part of the University of Michigan aerospace department 75 years ago.  So I’m getting pretty excited here and I email the seller who unfortunately lives in Huntsville Alabama. I called the woman yesterday and got some cash out. Today I get off of work and the thing is in my garage. Apparently her brother was headed our way and he was able to deliver it.  It feels like it appeared out of thin air.  lol So I am buffing some rust off and we are going to refinish the surface. This table is freaking awesome.  :D

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