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Monthly Archives: September 2010


Ok so just started weaving at home and here is a picture of what it looks like on the loom This is a 16 harness pattern that moves between weft faced and warp faced. The top side is primarily silver and the underside is inverted and mostly blue. The interesting thing about this weaving is that when you […]

Tall Print’s First Layer

I feel like someone who does as much relief printmaking as I do should have less technical difficulties. So I get to the studio and ink up my block, only to lay my block on the press and discover that the press is too small. Somehow I was convinced that the press bed was 60″ long when […]

Printmaking Plans

So I have finally decided on the reference image for my super-long 24″x53″ print. It’s not as night/dusk as I imagined this print would be but after going through all my photographs, this is the one that I most wanted to make a print of. It’s from the wonderful heavy snow day we had last […]