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Printmaking Plans

So I have finally decided on the reference image for my super-long 24″x53″ print. It’s not as night/dusk as I imagined this print would be but after going through all my photographs, this is the one that I most wanted to make a print of. It’s from the wonderful heavy snow day we had last winter and it cropped down well to the dimensions I needed.

The problem I found with photographing for this print was that the camera takes pictures with wider width. That in of itself isn’t an issue. I can digitally make it whatever size I need. The main problem is that you subconsciously compose your photograph for that wider rectangle. So when you crop it down it isn’t as good compositionally. It took a lot of sifting through photographs to find one I was happy with.

I am going to try and properly document my process this time and photograph all the steps. I already have my paper torn down and I need to print the grey background. Normally I could go ahead and start carving and easily print a flat background off any flat surface. But because this print is so long there isn’t a surface other than the block itself. So I have had to sit tight until I can make it into the studio.

In other news my mom and I have finally gotten the loom up and running. We have a huge 16 harness AVL compu-dobby  now if you know anything about weaving talk that is some fancy equipment. And has complexity for some pretty exotic weave structures. I am unreasonably excited about this and have been spending way too much time looking at little gridded designs of weave structures. One of the nice things about weaving is that it’s such an old medium that all this stuff is in the public domain. So my home studio is now officially a printmaking/weaving studio. I’ll probably have to add a section for handwoven scarfs to my etsy shop. It’ll be AWESOME!