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One Man Show at Lampe-Farley

Opening night at my first one man show was a huge success. The show should be up until the end of November so anyone who missed the opening night can still visit the art. You can get directions and hours from the Lampe-Farley website. I also have to mention my good friend Emily who made this show possible. THANKS YOU ARE AWESOME! Also the good people hosting me here have decided not to take any cut of sales so I have not had to jack up any prices like you usually see at galleries.

So here we have the 6×6 project as a window collection. Some of the prints are facing inward and some are facing the street.

This is the pressed flower collection that I was working on in my last post. Here they are all finished and framed. They are currently scheduled to show at Get This Gallery in Atlanta some time in January.

My residency triptych is hung in the front room.

And the rest trickle down the hallway.

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