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Applying for School

This month I am working on grad school applications. Something that really stresses me out. And university website designers are very much on my bad list right now. I have about exactly a month till everything has to be sorted out and sent in. At least I figured out which schools I am applying to and contacted all my professors for letters of recommendation.

In other news I am still carving that beast of a huge lino print I started a while back. I am about 70% carved on the first layer.

Every year on Etsy I see a bunch of handmade calendars. It always makes me feel jealous and left out. The problem is that nobody is going to spend more than $40 on a calendar (more like $35) and there just isn’t a way to do all that printmaking without a huge loss. And then unlike other editions this calendar would expire and your stuck with however many didn’t sell. And there is no guarantee they would sell well. I have seen people jump these hurdles buy making very small calendars on the letterpress with polymer plate images. More effectively I have seen Ye Haw Press do a single image with tear away calendar months. The problem is that I am not wild about tear away calendars even when they are clearly the most reasonable solution. Something about how they poke out from the surface. But TODAY I found this seller

Not that I would approach the calendar problem as an embroidery project. But the movable and re-attachable numbers means that you could use this for as many years as you like. A perpetual calendar… I could print an awesome single relief print which includes the grid square, back the print with a magnetic sheet and make the numbers into little magnets.  I am still working out the kinks but because it isn’t year specific it wont matter if everything sells the first year.

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