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My First Moku Hanga

So I am attempting my first moku hanga woodblock print. I have spent a lot of time thinking about moku hanga and the problem is that all the specific supplies that it calls for are imported from Japan are very expensive and I have no teacher. Regardless I have decided to stop puttering around and just make do with the supplies that I can get.  I’ll see how it goes and learn something…. probably the hard way.  I downloaded an ebook from David Bull called “your first print” and it was pretty encouraging.

And it is proving to be a real challenge. I am pretty good at carving linoleum BUT I have significantly less experience working on wood. And I decided on a design that was way too intricate. So I am having bits and pieces flaking off. I am going to finish it anyway. Because it is a small block and I want to try printing but I am concerned that it won’t hold up for any real editioning. I think if I want to do this kind of detail in the future I need to get harder woods than the shina basswood.

The Japan bookmark has been a huge hit. I have managed to raise $335 for tsunami relief!

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