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Moku Hanga

This is the image I am using for the moku hanga. It’s a photo of Lucy’s Field in the snow.

So I finished carving my first layer and despite my concerns it seems to be holding up pretty well. My ink application skills and ink/paste ratios leave a lot to be desired.  I seem to be going back and forth between the sesame seed printing and so much ink that it is blurring off the lines.

I decided to do the traditional color separation where you glue the printed keyblock face down on the color blocks. You can see through the translucent thin paper and carve through it. I am only doing two colors but I wanted to try this. But I did not use a strong enough glue. So as soon as I started carving the paper started coming off! I was able to cut the lines with the knife so I was able to get the outlines cut and the registration should be ok. But it was a bit frustrating. I am back to pencil on bare block. I can manage that.

There is my proof. The black ended up being a grey because I was grinding my own sumi ink from a solid brick and I don’t think I did it enough. Fun times.

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