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Light fast ink

  One print was hung in a room with indirect sunlight and the other was kept in a dark flat file. This was printed in 2009 with VanSon letterpress rubber based ink. In positive news it’s a great teaching tool. (apparently the red is the problem color) I was looking on the internet and a […]

MFA Show

  I just finished my MFA show at the Ewing Gallery. I shared a gallery space with two very good friends Andrew Merriss and Daniel Ogletree. I had great feedback and a wonderful reception. Thank you!

Paper, cut and folded

I have been working on series of cut and folded paper objects. Thinking about a hybrid between geometric and organic forms. This is my first iteration of that idea, the Sea Oat Cinder-Block. In order to make it I had to first build a three dimensional maquette and draw all the shapes in the round […]

Wood Engraving

So graduate school is in full swing over here in Tennessee. I got a chance to try wood engraving for the first time! It is a very different experience. Instead of carving areas, you create your image with line and you work on end grain wood. Which mean the wood grain runs perpendicular to the […]

University of Tennessee

I am going to be starting graduate school at the University of Tennessee this fall (in about a month).  I’ll be going for an MFA in printmaking. Tennessee was definitely my top choice in school and it has a very close knit printmaking group. The school has a total of 9 print grad students and […]


Because my last bookmark was so well received I have made another one.  This time it is a carrot! I figure it would be nice in a cookbook but I’d probably use mine in novels… It’s a simple image but I am very happy with how it came out. It is just nice to carve something reasonable […]

Lucy’s Field

Here is the Moku Hanga print. I think the printing is imperfect but it’s not bad for a first try. I have been asking printmakers advise on forums.

Japan Tsunami

I am sure everyone is watching the ongoing news updates from the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan. Watching all the devastation is very hard and especially the the footage of survivors desperately looking for loved ones. With the nuclear problems unfolding we can’t even know how bad it will get in Japan before it can get better. In response to […]

One Man Show at Lampe-Farley

Opening night at my first one man show was a huge success. The show should be up until the end of November so anyone who missed the opening night can still visit the art. You can get directions and hours from the Lampe-Farley website. I also have to mention my good friend Emily who made […]

Revisiting Old Ideas

So a while back I made the book “My Mother’s Garden” and I had been playing with the idea recreating pages from the book as wall prints, using the same flowers. So I have finally started working on this idea while working on my big tall print at the same time. I wanted to keep […]


Ok so just started weaving at home and here is a picture of what it looks like on the loom This is a 16 harness pattern that moves between weft faced and warp faced. The top side is primarily silver and the underside is inverted and mostly blue. The interesting thing about this weaving is that when you […]

Tall Print’s First Layer

I feel like someone who does as much relief printmaking as I do should have less technical difficulties. So I get to the studio and ink up my block, only to lay my block on the press and discover that the press is too small. Somehow I was convinced that the press bed was 60″ long when […]

Printmaking Plans

So I have finally decided on the reference image for my super-long 24″x53″ print. It’s not as night/dusk as I imagined this print would be but after going through all my photographs, this is the one that I most wanted to make a print of. It’s from the wonderful heavy snow day we had last […]

Terminus Show

I am showing my print at the Gallery Walk at Terminus until October 8th, and I am hanging right next to some of my favorite printmakers! So mine is the huge one in the center right in between Dale Clifford and Ruth Laxson. The show is a selection of printmaker from APS so I know […]

So I was on Etsy…

So I was on Etsy the other day and I found this person making very small coptic books and using origami paper as the cover paper. You can see this on etsy here at VersoBooks. And I was inspired to give it a go. Now traditional origami paper is about 15cm or 6inch square. Which […]


So I am kind of in between projects at this point. I have some small project ideas that have been on my mind for ages now and I would really like to finish them up. But as my parents point out it would be better to do a piece that can help with the whole […]

Haunted Snag

Here is a solo cyanotype from my latest collection. I feel in love with how haunted it seemed that I was unable to print any more layers onto it. I just took a step back and called this one done.  It was such a relief after all that madness of carving to work in a process so loose and […]


Today I made a Preying Mantis out of paper. I think he came out really well. I want to make a series of paper bugs and build display boxes for them. The box part looks like it’s going to be a challenge.

Monster Linocut

This is my latest print. I hang the show tomorrow so this is a little sneak peak. Basically after finishing this I feel like I could carve anything.


My residency has reached crisis breaking point with me. I am edgy and bipolar and having trouble keeping it together. For me framing the art is very very stressful. It is a task where perfectionism is the standard and anything less stands out. I am having issues with matching mounting foamcore. Apparently everybody has the […]

I Love Printmaking

Margot bless her, was in the studio yesterday. After I spent about 3 hrs stressing out and failing to print dark black she offered to ink up my block. Apparently I had no idea of the amount of ink this block needed and I am a chronic under-inker. All my problems are solved! I am so happy that I […]

Hard Time in The Studio

So I am trying to finish up this residency and I am printing that huge lovely block that is photographed in my last post. I am having a lot of technical issues with it not printing dark enough. No matter how much I over ink it. I thought it was the paper because I think that the […]

Serious Blog

So I have been thinking that for me the best sort of blog for me would be an art blog attached to my website. Something with an RSS feed that can support comments. I have heard that WordPress is pretty good for this sort of thing and my experiences with WordPress have been slightly less […]

Maiden Voyage for my Baby Blue Etch Press

So I just finished printing my first run on our etching press at home. We have had the press for some time now but the room itself is such a problem I didn’t feel like I could do anything until today. Mom and I have slowly been chipping away at making the Studio a functional […]

Daily Candy!

I have been feeling sick today. Ugh. My throat is really sore right now and I have been drinking liquids all day long. Hopefully this will be improved tomorrow. But usually you feel better by the evening if it’s a 24 hour bug. But what can you do? This Saturday December 5th I am participating […]


Ok so I just got the Atlanta Printmakers Artist Residency! I get a key to the studio for 6 months, a free class, and $600 for supplies. This is going to look amazing on my resume, like way better than an internship. This is just really awesome. I am going to try and crank up my production […]


Ok so my mom and I are getting an etching press! We found one for $1500 on Craig’s List that has never been used. It is a Dick Blick Master Etch with a bed size of 22″ × 35″. There is a bit of rust on the undercarriage but that should be easy to clean up and […]


So I just finished my little fern leaf notebook and my Veolciraptor notebook and they are up in my etsy shop I am so happy with how my velociraptor came out! He’s just so cute! although I hear there is not much difference between a velociraptor kiss and a velociraptor bite.