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What!? I have more! Today I have little pine cone notebooks on Etsy They are pocket sized and $15

Printmaking Notebooks!

Ok so I have just listed my first set of notebooks with printed covers. They are cute, portable and only $15. I have only printed 5 so far but I can make more if these sell. Lovingly made with poor college friends in mind. ETSY Honestly I am pretty excited about printing notebooks like this. I mean […]

Plum Blossoms

I just sold a print! $100 wheeeeeeee Hurray! It’s the one I call Plum Blossoms Now I get to get into my groove and figure out the best way to ship these suckers. The tube makes sense and keeps the art safe but because it is an irregular package it is actually cheaper to put the […]


I have finally put together my online shop on etsy! I am sill in the process of posting stuff up there but it’s getting there. Pricing is problematic for printmakers and I am trying to get a feel fo what will sell and what I’ve got listed too high. This is something that I’ve […]

That’s Right

This print took me an entire semester to carve edit: I forgot to mention the dimensions the piece is 18″x36″

Misty trees

Cross posted from <-this is my new main blog Well here’s my newest print in all it’s glory. It’s a huge reduction print that I whipped out in record time. I am trying to think about my work in relation to my buddhist practice and spirituality in general. Any feedback on how I could […]

The Deal: Exit Show

BFA I: Graphic Design, Jewery Metals, Photography, Printmaking Gallery 101, 307, Orbit Galleries, and 2nd Floor On View: April 20-24, 2009 Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia. Reception: Friday, April 24, TBA Anyone who reads this is invited to come to the show it should be really good.

Bad Printing day

I just pulled to most unsuccessful print in my entire life. This ABOMINATION is so bad that is rolls right back around to possibly interesting. This was my experimental centra carborundum collograph. I just… I just couldn’t make it happen. I believe at this point my best course of action is to throw my plate into a […]

Printmaking Time!

Ta daa! I finished my Adv Print class with a bang this semester! This print is 24 inches x 36 inches (freaking huge)

Mmmmm audio books

I have recently discovered a group that records audio files of public domain books. It’s great! I just play them from my laptop while I am carving so I don’t get as bored or distracted. Today I was listening to “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” read by a delightful British voice. Also I have […]

Printmaking Blues

So for some reason my printmaking projects are giving me a lot more anxiety than usual. Of course there is a lot of reasons and I am doing much more ambitious prints than before but that doesn’t reduce this gut sinking feelings of anxiety I am having over these prints. I think working on 2 prints at […]


Ok so I have a Deviantart account and I post up my stuff there like any good 13 year old would. So apparently they have something called “Daily Deviations” where moderators feature selected pieces every day. Apparently this is a pretty big deal and it directs a lot of people to your art. So my […]

I makes art yesss

This lovely piece has been my recent source of agony. I am really excited with how well it came out and maybe it is my best print so far. The print is 18″x18″ and it took me ungodly amounts of time to carve it. I am trying to think about Zen Buddhism in this piece and […]

What is a print?

Ok so most all of you know or have heard me mention that I am a printmaker but I don’t know if many have a clear idea of what that is. Here is a SWEET little interactive tool to make it all clear. I was able to wiggle out of work half an hour […]


I am working my ass off for finals this semester and kicking butt at it. (Great imagery…) Other than that one final I have hardly started… Heck you can only do so much in a day, it will all get done. Listening to some interesting Shop music. Certain CDs just find refuge in the art […]


I just got back from the most insane printmaking conference ever. I am exhausted and over stimulated. It was amazing honestly too amazing to write about right now. I guess you all will just have to talk to me …or I’ll post about it tomorrow. Today I spent 8 straight hours in the studio and […]