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Graduate School

So it has been way too long since my last update. Maybe I am just enjoying graduate school too much. Knoxville is awesome, my cohort is interesting and supportive. Lately I have been working on a series of graphite drawings I can post some pictures when I finish them. Thinking about what it is that […]

University of Tennessee

I am going to be starting graduate school at the University of Tennessee this fall (in about a month).  I’ll be going for an MFA in printmaking. Tennessee was definitely my top choice in school and it has a very close knit printmaking group. The school has a total of 9 print grad students and […]

Moku Hanga

This is the image I am using for the moku hanga. It’s a photo of Lucy’s Field in the snow. So I finished carving my first layer and despite my concerns it seems to be holding up pretty well. My ink application skills and ink/paste ratios leave a lot to be desired.  I seem to […]

My First Moku Hanga

So I am attempting my first moku hanga woodblock print. I have spent a lot of time thinking about moku hanga and the problem is that all the specific supplies that it calls for are imported from Japan are very expensive and I have no teacher. Regardless I have decided to stop puttering around and […]

Snow Storm in Atlanta

Last night a very serious snow storm hit Atlanta and we got about 6 inches of snow.  Took some pictures this morning. As much as it was beautiful and fresh I really hate being cold. So I scurried back inside. My carving is going well and I am almost finished with this layer.  Although I […]

Applying for School

This month I am working on grad school applications. Something that really stresses me out. And university website designers are very much on my bad list right now. I have about exactly a month till everything has to be sorted out and sent in. At least I figured out which schools I am applying to […]

Drafting Table Restoration

So the drafting table in the last post has now been completely and lovingly restored. All of it’s rusty metal has been polished. And the wood surface was entirely sanded down and re-varnished top and bottom. The wood surface ended up taking 1 coat of sanding sealer and 3 coats of varnish. Thing took forever to dry and now […]

Drafting Table Falls From the Sky

The current project I am starting is 24″ x 53″. The linoleum arrived the other day and it’s kind of laid out awkwardly in the middle of my room essentially taking up all of the floor space. The table that I have been using is my mom’s table that she has been letting me borrow and is […]

WordPress themes

So instead of trying to integrate my blog and my website using frames I have just redesigned the gallery section to match up with the blog. After many many failures I’d say they are mostly there. I can’t figure out why it isn’t taking the meta widget like all the others, why my main index […]

I found Homer’s Odyssey read by Gandalf I know I shouldn’t call him that but I am only going to imagine the wizard reading me the story anyway.  I am so pleased. Anyhow. I am finishing up my residency this month. I should actually finish carving my block tomorrow. Good grief that thing took me forever. […]

Awesome Email

 SO I decided I needed a better more professional sounding email address. I am now hannah(at) I am so pleased with myself you have no idea. 

Etsy Experiment

 Ok so I have been trying to polish up my game on my etsy shop. I have had a pretty good amount of sales for someone who has done essentially zero marketing or advertising. So I have been reading up on ways to increase web traffic and try and improve sales. What I have heard, specifically in […]


So if anyone knows me pretty well you already know that I am a huge fan of audiobooks while printmaking and a volunteer free audiobook public domain website. They do great work and it’s all perfectly legal.  But I have had a revelation. I can pirate any audiobook, even ones read professionally.  And it isn’t exactly […]

Old Mix CDs

So back in high school I discovered the joy of burning music on CDs. I would also print CD stickers for them with whatever pictures I liked at the time. So years later, I have a CD book filled with loads of mysterious mix CDs with interesting art and no descriptions, that I burned ages […]

Valentine’s Day

 So I hear a lot of single friends bemoaning Valentine’s day as being hard on singles, anti-feminist, and one sided. In response to that I really like what the Japanese have decided to do. On Valentine’s day the girls give the boys chocolate and candy and then one month later they celebrate White Day were […]

Broken Game Controllers

 So I have 4 BUSTED game cube controllers. These things have put up with years of abuse and well they are getting to the point were they are unusable. So I was talking to Ian about this and apparently there is one game that calibrates for broken controllers. You move your joystick in a circle […]

So I am reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Heinlein. And I wish I remembered who reccomended it for me because I have been enjoying it to distraction. I think it was somebody at Snelling… probably that boy who always had a book in his back pocket.  Anyhow I am experiencing a strong craving for […]

feeling bummed

So for the next week my Aunt and Uncle will be staying with us. Jim is my dad’s brother and they are in from CA. But they picked a pretty hetic week to come.  Tomorrow I start my evening Letterpress class, taught by my favorite Margot Ecke. Tuesday I am doing multi-block pin hole registration […]

I love this CAKE YESSS!!!

This is the best chocolate cake in the world. I am salivating just thinking about it. Chocolate Pound Cake (16 servings) From the Tallahassee Junior League Cookbook   1 1/2 cups butter, softened 3 cups sugar 5 eggs 3 cups flour 1/2 cup cocoa (I like dark cocoa the best, but any type is good) 1 teaspoon baking […]


So if you are in the loop you know I was in Idaho recently for a family reunion. My aunt lives on Priest Lake which borders Canada and it is beautiful. Especially when viewed from the seat of a Jet Ski tearing around at high velocity. I took lots of pictures and ate lots of […]


Star Wars Tantuan sleeping bag… complete with intestine printed lining.    Ok so I am going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks having a family reunion in Idaho. I am not sure how it will affect my internet connectedness but I’m not worried.  Oh and Julianne I was too mean to Anne […]

On buying shit

 So I have come to the decision that I enjoy shopping online way more than going to stores in person. I like reading reviews of items before getting them, I like having a huge selection and cheaper, I like getting things in the mail. Yesterday I ordered a stainless steel water bottle and I am retardedly excited […]

 Right now my dad is driving my mom to the hospittal. She is having some of the symptoms of a heart attack. I felt her pulse before they left and it was a distinctly irregular beat. I can’t even think. It may be nothing but she says that the irregular beats keep on going. I […]


 So I really like chess sets. I haven’t played chess in a while but I think that the game is beautiful and love finding beautiful sets. Now what kills me is how many people do not understand the importance of recognising the pieces. If you can’t tell at a glance which piece is which your set […]

Vacation in the Florida keys

This is where I am. Today I went snorkling at the shipwreck of a spanish galleon from the 1700s and there were loads of tropical fish hiding under the old cannons and anchor. There is so much sky here. I will post more pictures later.

Selling ideas

 So I am looking into other items to offer in my shop other than my fine art prints. I am looking into journals. Now I can make journals from scratch in a variety of ways, and that’s awesome (and I probably will do that) but I can’t exactly sell them for cheap. What I saw […]

Important News

 I just got myself a new laptop. It is a Dell Inspiron Netbook Mini 12 which is essentially the sexiest laptop I have ever seen. She has a 12" monitor which is 2in smaller than my old thinkpad. The buttons are a bit smaller but I can’t really notice the difference. This is the largest […]


I am listening to this AWESOME gig and a half of music that Adrianna gave me and I love it. I think she is one of the few people who has the same taste in music as me. Even the weird stuff that I normally don’t ever share with people. So just a shoutout to my great […]