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alarm clock

So I had Brian over today. It was great ^___^ he smells so good!!! lol I don’t know what I would do without him. And Jackie turned 16 Cheers! I have an interview tomorrow morning so Maybe I’ll get a job. In honor of such a thing I decided to download an alarm clock. I’m sorry Brian yours just doesn’t cut it in the waking up people catagory… So I found a lovely little porgram that will play whatever mp3 on my drive I’d like it too. No radio for me! Bwahahaha! It’s nice and small and we’ll see how it works won’t we. I also left a note for my dad just in case. You know honestly I should have thought of something like this a long time ago. Now… What shall I wake up too?… I need something long-ish and gradually louder, that is long enough to wake me up, that I have as an mp3, that I like… That narrows it down to… The Verve! Yay Thank you Emily!

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