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So far I am still alive. Somehow my room is very conducive to sleep. It has fairly low light and easy access beds. This effect is so strong on my roommate the Kristen sometimes has to go and study somewhere else just to stay awake. For me the workload isn’t that bad yet. Mostly reading and sketching. And seeing these are the thinks I like to do I don’t really consider that as work at all.

I finally have a cellphone that works and my package finally came. I had to go through untold hell to pick it up because it had not been tallied as arriving at all. I have become very skeptical of this whole receiving packages at college thing. I am just going to hope that this was a freak accident and that they will be good about this in the future.

I really like astronomy. It is none of that little solar system stuff but everything outside of that. I have always liked the big picture and in this case it is an astronomically big picture. I am considering a minor is astronomy.