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Alrighty time for an update! My schedule is working out for me right now except that I feel like I am doing something all the fracking time. My legs are sore from runnin around all the time. I think I can do it though as long as I don’t get distracted and get classwork done during the day. Of course if Snelling falls through I could always try nude modeling for the art department (706 577 7721) I am still alive and kicking in case any of you were worried.

I think I should give Brian a call… …not picking up….

I was wondering what people think about gauged ears. There are the most exciting earrings ever. not Crazy big or anything just enough for me to wear those earrings maybe size 8 (if you know what that means) I just wanted to see what people thought before I jump into something stupid and impulsive but potentially very cool. I personally think it is pretty hot myself… and something I always notice on people.