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Ok so my semester this year is very crazy. I am taking 15hrs credit which I must finish before 3:00 because I work at Snelling from 3-8. These classes involve some serious sprinting between them. I am currently trying to make it less stressful by trying to get into History 2112H and Switching Geography with Political Science. I can’t switch Geography with Political science unless I can get into the History class. (stupid friday times). The Honors Office is closed for the weekend but I left a message, and I emailed the prof. This History professor is the same one I currently have for regular Hist2112 and I want to be in his 2112H class. That would not have a Friday break-out session. Making further schedule changes possible. This is all very confusing and I would be very happy if it works out.

Work is turning out to be a surprisingly fun job. Greasy but fun. I get to work with my friends. I have a hot manager. and there are all these motherly black women who work there. I love them! It is also very low stress. The students are just so easygoing and nice and I live right across the street.